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Collaborative Outsourcing

Collaborative Outsourcing: an Additive Approach to Logistics Outsourcing

A Collaborative Outsourcing? relationship enables you to add the resources and integrated services to your organization that will help you drive desired outcomes. Seasoned logistics experts work with you, listening to your challenges, examining processes, and configuring our comprehensive menu of logistics services into an outsource relationship that is built around your key operational and financial metrics. You obtain consistent engagement, commitment, trust, and collaboration to proactively solve problems and achieve immediate and sustained outcomes. Collaborative Outsourcing with C.H. Robinson enhances the value of logistics to your business and your customers’ experiences, and drives innovation and continuous improvement throughout your supply chain.

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Combine your logistics strategy with a Collaborative Outsourcing relationship so you can:

  • Gain immediate and sustained value that enables profit and longevity
  • Improve supply chain performance for the same or lower total landed cost
  • Reduce capital investment in equipment, technology, and human resources
  • Increase insight into performance metrics and drive continuous improvements
  • Respond quickly to market changes and expansion
  • Achieve cost avoidance and continual soft cost savings